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NTTS Breakdown

Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery in Melrose Park, IL Fast, Reliable, 24/7 Towing

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With our extensive fleet of heavy trucks, we will go anywhere anytime to rescue your equipment. We truly understand that when your truck is disabled your time and bottom line are at risk. Our heavy-duty tow trucks haul most large vehicles.

Area Towing's fleet also includes a 70 ton rotator. Our skilled operators utilize the trucks ability to not only lift up to 70 tons but also rotate a full 360 degrees. Both the operators and the truck will ensure your equipment is taken care of safely and as quickly as possible.

We also provide emergency recovery, air cushion recovery, load shifts, bridge recovery, load shifts, load transfers and rollovers.

Area Towing prides itself on handling the most challenging recoveries. Our two truck operators are trained to be problem solvers which makes no recovery too difficult.

This is why Area Towing has become the provider of choice in the trucking industry.

  • tractor trailers
  • school buses
  • dump trucks
  • motor homes
  • mobile cranes
  • straight trucks
  • fire trucks
  • decking/undecking
  • end loader service
  • scissor lifts
  • skid steers
Heavy Duty Towing
Heavy Duty Towing
Heavy Duty Towing